Tosa-akaushi Wagyu Japan Beef
Japanese beef born and raised in Kochi
Rich umami in red meat
The balance of fat and lean meat is right and brings out the flavor of each.

Treasures of Kochi Prefecture, the only Wagyu beef in Japan

Tosa Akaushi is a Japanese beef called “Brown hair Japanese species Kochi line,” produced only in Kochi. It is a rare Japanese beef with brown hair and has been improved over many years since the Meiji period (1868-1912). Currently, only 1600 cows are kept, 0.1% of the 1.6 million wagyu cows in Japan, which is rare.

What is Wagyu Beef?

It only refers to the four Japanese black, brown (beard), Japanese short-horned, and non-horned varieties that inherit Japanese native varieties’ bloodline. There are two types of Japanese brown hair (beard): Kochi type and Kumamoto type, and the meat quality and taste are different.

Rich umami in red meat

The feature of Tosa Akaushi is the deliciousness of red meat. It is moderately marbled, and the quality of fat has a unique flavor.

It melts in your mouth thoroughly, and you can feel the taste of the fat that goes down your throat well. On the second day, the flavor of the red meat will spread. Balanced fat and lean beef bring out each character.

Supreme of green meadows growing

The grazing scenery of Tosa Akaushi seen in the mountains. A mother cow gives birth to a baby and raises it with a lot of love, and a calf chases her for milk. The deep love of the livestock farmers is warmly supporting their work.

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